Monday, July 4, 2016

Holding up quilts for pictures

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Have you ever struggled to hold up your quilts? Or rather, does your husband or kids struggle to hold up your quilts for you? If you answered yes, then look no further.
After I made my Fresh quilt, I knew I wanted to take pictures of it while we were up in the mountains getting our family pictures taken. There was one problem, the quilt was HUGE and I wouldn't be able to hold it up all of the way. We literally had 30 minutes before our family photo shoot and I was racking my brain for ideas and this idea popped in my head. I ran to my basement and found all the supplies I needed.
Take the wooden dowel and place it on the inside of the handle on the spring clamp.

Make sure not to place the wooden dowel too close to the spring or you will not be able to open the clamp.

Take a piece of tape and secure the handle of the spring clamp to the wooden dowel.

Next attach the clamps to the top corners and your quilt and it is all ready to go for the picture taking glory.

It makes a big difference and hopefully your quilt holder will have far less complaining ;-)

I hope that you will find this helpful.

- Jessica


  1. Love it! My husbands next project!Tee Hee!

  2. That is a FABULOUS idea. I don't have anywhere to hang a quilt for photos inside or out. And I have a complainer too. ;)